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Monday, 16 April 2012



It’s very hot. Despite of the hot weather, most of the students and teachers attending the event of meeting and greeting Miss Erika from America enjoyed the moment so much. Do you want to know why????


At the first time she walked into the school oval, we knew that this meeting is going to be great. And it’s true. She is very warm and charming. It can be seen in the way she had interaction with us. The way she spoke, her gesture, her eye sight,…everything expressed a deep respect. “You are like Miss Universe,” Mr. Nurcholis said. Absolutely agree.

            She’s the third native speaker coming to SMPN 1 Babat. Her full name is Erika Michelle Wade. We call her Miss Erika. She’s an American. She comes from Texas. She was born on November 5th, 1987.

            Miss Erika is one of the American volunteer English-teachers. Now she is teaching in MAN 7 Jombang. She has been there for two years. She has one more year to complete her duty there.


Beside asking and answering questions to and from her, students also performed some music performance. Miss Erica enjoyed all the songs a lot especially when Wena and friends sang “Iwak Peyek.” She danced and sang,” Oooo..ooo..oooo.” “I think Indonesian pop music is very catchy,” she adds


 Staying here for two years, she has her Indonesian favorite food. “I like dadar jagung, gado-gado and rawon.” Oh…we were very sorry Miss, we couldn’t serve you those food at that moment. Perhaps you should have told us first before coming. Hmmm…so sad.


 She told students how to learn English. Learn not only from the student’ text book but also from cartoon movies, listening to English songs, reading English magazines and more. “Always do your best. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just learn from them to make your future even better.” What a saying!



Miss Erika attracted students a lot. The Students were very enthusiastic joining the program. They enthusiastically raised their hands to get her attention. They enthusiastically answering her questions to get a tiny cute souvenir from her. That’s lovely.

            Before leaving our school, we asked her to have picture with us. Many times she told us that she had to go, but many times also we keep her to stay a little longer to have the picture. Guess what? She never refused. She kept on smiling and did what we asked her to. What a nice person.

            Anyway, it’s an unforgettable experience. We hope we will meet Miss Erika again. 8B students are right. They sang,” when the field is green, see you once again, my love.” 

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